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Marrakech Undermoon : The Black Album (Minimal Trance, The Servants of the Invisible, 3 CDs+CD-ROM)

Apr 13, 2012


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MARRAKECH UNDERMOON THE BLACK ALBUM - where to find it in marrakesh-

In Town – Musée Majorelle – www.jardinmajorelle.com – Lalla Marrakech-www.lalla.fr – 5, rue de la Liberté Guéliz – Chez Zoé- La Mamounia Hotel – Librairie Chatr

Medina – Riad El Fenn- Derb Moullay Abdullah Ben Hezzian Bab El Ksour Medina – KifKifbySteph-www.kifkifbystef.com- 9 Derb Laksour Medina

-Ksar Char Bag-ww.ksarcharbagh.com

Sidi Ghanem
Pop Galerie Concept Store- 109-4- avenue principale sidi ghanem

Outside the City
-Fellah Hotel-www.fellah-hotel.com
-Kasbah du Toubkal-www.kasbahdutoubkal.com

Jun 23, 2011


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After a busy winter of special events, public and private ( Pure, YSL) and ten private parties at Ksar Char Bagh and Jnane Tamsna, September will be very hype with six very special events and nights…
More later, after a summer of creation !

Jan 26, 2010

Last News Events

The last four months have been so rich of events that we did not have the time yet to update the infos, pictures, movies and soundesign extracts but we will do it soon and they are still vailable at philippe@kamarstudios.com upon request.

We had the great pleasure to create the soundesign for La Mamounia Grand Opening, PureLifeExperience special night at Palais Souleiman, we created also the soundesign and the staging representing the Kingdom of Morocco receiving 2500 hosts from Africa (Africités) where we have invited the greatest musicians and artists to join us ( Hors Limite Organisation was the producer as for La Mamounia), several events at Naoura Barrière and Fouquets, ten private parties in Dar Ylane, Kasbah Dar Ylane and Ksar Char Bagh where we have created the most exclusive and beautiful party ever thanks to our client Caroline L.K !!

We spent the New Eve Nights at La Mamounia( HLO), Fouquets and Ksar Char Bagh…Without to forget to tell you that began the year creating the soundesign of Pavillon By CostesShanghai..16 hours of music to rythm this new glam place in Asia…

Thanks to our partners ( KS Events and AVL Pro) and our friends artists who joined us.
For more queries, email us!

Jan 21, 2010


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Our references are:

IBM, AUDI, HERTZ, CATERPILLAR, NOKIA, UNIVERSAL, NRJ, ROYAL PALM MARRAKECH, ORANGINA ( France), BNP-PARIBAS, , TANGIER 2012, The WORLWIDE CITIES COMMITTEE ( CGUL), Haute Autorité de la Communication et de l’Audiovisuel ( Maroc) H.A.C.A, Office National Marocain du Tourisme, SFR, La Mamounia, Fouquets Naoura Barrière, Africités ( Governement of Morocco), SOLEIDAD France, Morocco Saga, PureLifeExperience, Johnson and Johnson etc… and many private clients.(see private parties)

ESSAOUIRA Festival 2006

INDEPROD (UK), Hors Limites Organisation H.L.O, STours, SOLEIDAD, ALICE-EVENEMENTS, MARITZ, MENARA TOURS, PLURIEL EVENTS and others in Italy, Sweden, Switzerland

OUR FAVORITE PLACES TO CREATE EVENTS : Palais Ksar Char Bagh, Palais Souleiman, Dar Ilane, Kasbah Dar Ylane, Riad Mezzouar, Jnane Tamsna, Dar Soukkar, Terre de Fête, Fouquets-Naoura Barrière, Beldi Country Club and last but not least La Mamounia

OUR MAIN PARTNERS for Technicalities, Sound and Lights, Structures, ect : K-S EVENTS and AVL-Pro

All our references with direct email to our clients are available upon request at our mail@kamarstudios.com

GOLDEN BOOK Corporate Clients

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“KamarStudios a fortement contribué au succès d’une soirée magnifique sous la lune « Marrakchi » où les Gnawas ont captivé l’auditoire tant par leur présence que par leur chant.
Un grand merci à Philippe et à Khalid pour leur implication et leur professionnalisme.
L’équipe communication SFR Business Team”

« The quality of artists was exceptional, the transitions from ancient to moderm music seamless and the whole spectacle was a great success for the client…kamarstudios’s producers have been extremely helpful and pro-active associates with a relaxed manner… » Indeprod UK

« All the event producers recognize easily that kamarstudios involvment in our four days event had a tremendous impact on the event and on its success…Oum has been superb…Noor has electrified our audience…the music you have been created for the four nights and specially for the Machine Demonstration has been a piece of Art..We must thank DJZitroz for his high professionalism…’ Caterpillar Event Manager

« …We heard only good feedback about the Dar Soukkar evening.Thank you for your usal good support and professionalism… » Menara-tours Morocco

‘’ ...The experience has been most enchanting! A professional group that are easy to be friends with for life! Simply an amazing wonderful experience!..’ PlayGround UK

’...We are working with kamarstudios ’s producers since 2005 and he has already carried out the entertainment for 7 gala evenings for our most important agency client.
Philippe is somebody very creative, with original ideas. He is very professional, precise, reliable. He listens to what we have to say and all our gala dinners have been a success with him. Concerning the artists that we have used (DjZitor and others, The Sons of The Moon ( Ouled Kamar Ensemble), street artists, beat drummers), they have always been off the highest quality. It’s important to know that from our experience, it is very useful to have DjZitroz and Philippe Lauro-baranès on site.
Of course, they are artists but I am sure you know what I mean ’...BM Alice Evenements France for IBM World

« Organiser un événement à Marrakech est toujours un plaisir. Y associer le luxe et le raffinement en sortant des sentiers battus est néanmoins un challenge significatif – surtout quand il s’agit d’accueillir une clientèle locale et internationale de premier plan. C’est pourtant ce que « kamarstudios » a contribué à faire lors de la soirée de présentation du Domaine Royal Palm Marrakech, en décembre dernier, à Ksar Char Bagh. Les danseurs et les chanteurs Gnaouas ont rythmé cette soirée, jusque tard dans la nuit, malgré la fraîcheur de saison. Dj Zitroz et Philippe Lauro-Baranès ont su orchestrer et créer le mouvement, un mouvement qui a transformé une soirée élégante en instant intemporel et inoubliable…. » Luxury Resorts

‘..I remember it as a fairy tail. The lightening and music took us into the book of the Arabian Nights to find around us the belly dancers, firemen and acrobats to be moving around hundreds of little candle lights. The scene was unforgettable! Although that beginning of the party was spectacular, we are
also to mention Dj Zitroz made the rest for a real dancing party after dinner. My friends, who are active party addicts, keep on talking about that evening as one of the most fabulous soirées they have ever been to. My expectatives were more than accomplished! We will always remember kamarstudios’s producers as professional who became friends after this celebration.’ Mrs A.D.R Wedding Celebration at Ksar Char Bagh

GOLDEN BOOK Private Parties

All our clients ’s contact are available on request/tous les contacts en référence peuvent être communiqués sur demande à philippe@kamarstudios.com

Que dire ? Que dire ? Tout simplement merci merci merci pour TOUT.C’était mieux que dans mon rêve.Le plus bel événement de ma vie tout simplement.Sans vous, Meryanne (Loum Martin Kasbah Dar Ylane), Nicole (Levillair Ksar Char Bagh) ce serait toujours un rêve inabouti…Vos musiciens, votre équipe étaient simplement fantastiques, incroyables…
A vous…
Des millions de Mercis pour cette soiree intemporelle, Magique et Feerique… pour avoir su representer et interpreter notre univers a travers votre musique, mise en scene et energie.
Peu de mots pour decrire tout le plaisir, le bonheur et l’energie de cette soiree grace a vous.

Aux Autres…
Bien plus qu’une rencontre avec de simples DJs… Vous decouvrirez de vrais Artistes et Maitres de Ceremonie… Associant diversite, bon gout et professionalisme…

Sophie et Fabrice

New-York-Morocco-Paris team Philippe & Khalid made our wedding the
most memorable event; we asked them to create a sound and
entertainment that would make our union an incredible moment to share
with our friends: what they did exceeded our expectations. We didn’t
know everything that was going to take place but trusted them and are
glad we did so. The “surprise” that Philippe kept for the ceremony was
amazing. The music combined minimalist trends with traditional live
Moroccan music. The Gnouas, fire eaters and acrobats were splendid and
contributed to the magic of the night. Philippe, Khalid & team thank
you again for your good spirits and support and best of luck with your
future enterprises!

Notre joie reste toujours immense et le retour-son de nos aimés très
vigoureux, quel bonheur.
Nous avons, tous, passé des moments inoubliables qui resteront gravés bien
longtemps dans nos mémoires; j’en suis sûr!
Vos organisation et créativité ont été parfaites tout au long des différents
événements qui ont construits ce week-end. Bravo.

En parlant mariage, à Marrakech, je me suis rendu compte que vous étiez en
contact avec ma nièce Alexandra Van W. et F.R. qui se marient ce we.
Opérerez-vous pour eux? Si oui, je suis confiant pour eux; ils passeront un
très beau moment en votre compagnie.

We were delighted by your services and I would not only use you again and recommend you to friends but would even consider bring you out to other destinations where we have guests to host our entertainment three. I am glad that you convinced us to go with the Gnamwa as they were excellent, enthralled our guests, and were truly the most authentic experience of our stay in Marrakech.

Our guests were also delighted with the music and it is the first time my wife has ever stayed up at a party until 05:30 in the morning and talked about the music the next day. The mixture over dinner, with all sorts of music mixed in seems to catch everyone’s attention and I even had a 70 year old sitting next to me who said one of the pieces (classical of course) was her favourite.

Well done. Worth every cent!

A big and belated THANK YOU for the great job you guys did for our party! The music design was excellent, the organisation truly professional and in particular Philippe many thanks for convincing me to have “les Nuits Blanche”, these guys are truly great and they certainly added a magic touch to the party atmosphere.

Le retour est forcément un peu difficile sur Paris après la soirée de rêve que nous avons passée, John et moi, en compagnie de nos invités!

Vous avez réussi, Khalid et toi, à nous offrir une fête exactement comme nous nous l’étions imaginée pour notre mariage: teintée de couleurs marocaines, rythmée par un mélange bien dosé de sonorités orientales, de musiques tantôt rétro, pop ou électro (sans oublié la techhouse!), tout cela ponctué de prestations artistiques incroyables et inoubliables!
Les invités ne s’arrêtaient plus de danser!
Un grand merci encore pour votre surprise avec un superbe feu d’artifice “homemade” par des cracheurs de feu surprenants! C’etait magique!

Nos invités (et bien sût John et moi) ont tous été conquis et garderont cette soirée gravée dans leur mémoire. Ceci grâce à votre travail et votre grande implication/disponibilité dans notre projet.

En conclusion, “vous nous avez bien éclatés”!!

Sep 6, 2009

News Letter #2 September 2009 All infos on kamarstudios events

Pour lire cette NewsLetter clicker sur le lien suivant/ To access the NewsLetter and download the music and images please click on the following link:


May 13, 2008

News Letter #1 2008 All infos on kamarstudios events

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Pour ouvrir cette newsletter en français, clickez sur:

To open this newsletter in english please click on:

Jan 25, 2008


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Jan 17, 2008

DjZITROZ@ TheSoundOfMarrakech#9 Radio FG Exclusive Mix Released

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To listen to the ExclusiveFGMix of Zitroz go to www.myspace.com/djzitroz

Click to view in full-size

Download DjZITROZ@ TheSoundOfMarrakech#9 Radio FG Exclusive Mix Released

Jan 16, 2008

Marrakech UnderMoon The Black Album Where to find it in Marrakech and in the World

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Kif Kif Bab El Ksour Medina
Fnac Berbère Medina
Riad Magellan www.riadmagellan.com
Riad Mezouar www.riadmezzouar.com
kamarstudios at mail@kamarstudios.com(delivery)
AYAS place des Fer-Blantiers
Darkoum Rue de la liberté
Libraire Chatr Avenue Mohamed V Guéliz
Palais Ksar Char Bagh
Jnane Tamsna
Dar Ilane boutique

Also in Casablanca Kif Kif La Squala, Assilah Galerie d’Art, in France at Virginmega.fr, APC NYC, USA and APC worldwide see www.APC.fr (or in the post below all APC adresses) and also in the US Contact us mail@kamarstudios.com

Jan 15, 2008

2007 Events Summary

January 11th Orangina Soundesign + Opéra Gnawa +DjZitroz Dar Soukkar Marrakech
March 12th MacDonald Europe Soundesign + Opéra Gnawa + DJ Zitroz Dar Soukkar Marrakech
March 24th Residency THE SOUND OF MARRAKECH@Théatro Marrakech DJ Zitroz Minimal + House
April 14th Residency THE SOUND OF MARRAKECH@Théatro Marrakech Andy Morris Ministry of Sound Radio
May 1st Event Tangier 2012 Candidacy Gala Dinner Grottes d’Hercules Tangier Morocco Soundscape + Ouled Kamar Ensemble (The Sons Of The Moon)
May2nd Private Party Ibiza vs Marrakech at Riad Mezouar
May 5th DJ ZITROZ@Platinium Skhirat
May18th and May19th Wedding VVIP Palais Ksar Chagh Bagh Marrakech
May 24th HERTZ World Dar Soukkar Soundesign + Opéra Gnawa Dar Soukkar Marrakech
May 25th,26th,27th,28th,29th,30th,31th June 1st VVIP Private Party at Jnane Tamsna, Pool Parties, Cocktail , Dinners and Parties
June 2nd IBM Gala Evening
June 7th The Sons Of The Moon-The Servants Of The Invisible Fes Festival Nuits Soufis Dar Tazi
June 24 and 25 th Private Party Jnane Tamsna
July 2nd Wedding Celebration at Palais Ksar Char Bagh
July 1st and 2nd VVIP WEDDING at Palais Rhoul
September15th Private Party
September 22nd IBM Gala Evening Opera Gnawa + Marrakech UnderMoon +DjZitroz
November 9th O.N.M.T Maroc Gala Dinner
November 11,12,14,15th CATERPILLAR World Soundesign Opéra Gnawa Oum Concert + Noor Ballet Dar Soukkar and Terre de Fête Marrakech
November 12th TANGIER 2012 Candidacy Gala Dinner
November17th IBM Gala Dar Soukkar Marrakech
November 29th HACA Hosts RIRM Gala Dinner Dar Soukkar
December1st ROYAL PALM Marrakech Project Presentation at Palais Ksar Chagh Bagh
December14th ALCS Charity Gala Dinner with Geoffroy Couteau Piano Concert, Rachid Benabdesslam, Françoise Atlan, Dj Van (Hip Hop) and Guests
December 31th New Year Dinner and Party at Ksar Chagh Bagh

Dec 9, 2007

kamarstudios in Annuaire des Lieux et des Sites

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Jul 1, 2007


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Ouled Kamar Ensemble has been invited as the first Gnawa Masters Ensemble to the prestigious FES SACRED MUSIC FESTIVAL.See press extracts and reviews in this blog.

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Jun 26, 2007


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See also www.google.com typing Ouled Kamar

The Sufi Nights series surprisingly had the most maniacally delirious, memorable and hypnotizing, performance of the festival, the Ouled Kamar Gnaoua Ensemble. The eight-man ensemble, dressed in brightly colored silken robes embroidered with seashells, took turns singing and dancing across the stage, at first acrobatically, and once with bound feet. They called out to various saints, clapped, sprinkled oils, playing the hejhouj and tinny qarqabas. A steady, reciprocal delirium grew over the course of three hours between the ensemble and the audience, making several teenage girls in the tightly packed garden dramatically flail their hair around, one of whom had to be calmed down by her mother.

Most foreigners had made discreet exits by this point, although a few remained, one of them being the Boston-based composer Osvaldo Golijov, who was “mind-boggled” by what was unfolding. Three men in steady progression fell into trances, each crawling on stage on his hands and knees. One man, seemingly in a state of hypnosis danced around, his eyes little slits, while the other two convulsed and had to eventually be carried off the stage by security.

By Nina Roberts Wall Street Journal Reporter

Peter Culshaw reviews the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music
A beacon of hope in medieval Morocco
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 12/06/2007 The Independant On Sunday London

Peter Culshaw reviews the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music
Morocco has many spiritual groups like the Aissawa who often follow local saints, sometimes dead for centuries (the 17th-century Bin Aissa in the case of the Aissawas) all with distinct musical styles.
The free late-night events at the Dar Tazi palace established at the festival a few years ago saw some of these in action. They have become some of the most vital events at Fes, but are sometimes a little too passionate – fights broke out one night when the crowd got over-excited as the Tariqa El Harakiya from Tetouan played.
The most well-known of these genres are the Gnawas. Ouled Kamar’s group were one of the highlights – they mix African rhythms and spirituality with Islamic elements, the style instantly recognisable from the impossibly funky bass-lines played on a three-stringed guinbri and the trancey clatter of metal castanets.
Some purists hate such music (one I met called the gnawas “satanic”). More acceptable – although some hard-core Islamicists like the Taleban think all music should be banned – are the Qawaalis, a style made famous by the great Pakistani musician, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
With its powerful rhythms driven by claps and tabla drums, they sings songs about love and drunkenness, but say they refer to love of Allah and divine intoxication, rather than rock’n’roll debauchery.

National Geographic Music
Of course, one of the festival’s perennial draws is the Sufi Nights series at the Dar Tazi. As always, these performances drew on a wide range of Moroccan Sufi brotherhoods, each specializing in a different style of sacred trance music. Among this year’s standouts were Tariqa El Harakiya and Chadilia Mchichia (both, interestingly, from Tetouan). For those keeping score, this year marked the first time that a Moroccan gnawa ensemble was featured during the Sufi nights. The gnawa brotherhoods offer up a different kind of sacred trance music; one rooted in the experience of the black Africans once brought to Morocco as mercenaries and slaves. Long on the sidelines of the official festival, this year’s inclusion of the gnawa ensemble of Ouled Kamar added a welcome new dimension to the Sufi nights.

» 2007-06-08 17:28 ANSA ROMA
FEZ (MAROCCO) – Parallelamente al loro spettacolo al Festival di Fes delle Musiche Sacre, il gruppo gnawa ‘Ouled Kamar’ ha presentato alla stampa ‘The Black Album – Marrakesh Undermoon’, un disco triplo che nasce da una collaborazione fra i musicisti sacri gnawa e produttori di musica elettronica minimalista di New York. L’originalita’ del progetto (il primo di una serie di cinque dischi, uno per ognuno dei colori che simbolizzano il percorso mistico gnawa) sta nel fatto che finora la maggior parte degli esperimenti di fusione a partire dal gnawa (ad esempio, quelli del mitico produttore americano Bill Laswell) partivano dalla potenza ritmica del genere, per aggiungere elementi esterni. Qui invece sono brani vocali, campionati a partire da registrazioni live di riti gnawa dello studio della Kamar a Marrakech ed estratti dai momenti piu’ estatici della performance che sono stati usati in un contesto elettronico minimalista, ossia lontano dal fragore della house e piu’ prossimo all’elettronica Britannica di avanguardia: come se Aphex Twin si fosse convertito all’Islam.

» 2007-06-08 17:28
FEZ (MAROCCO) – Per la prima volta al Festival di Fez delle Musiche Sacre del Mondo, le notti sufi che si alternano alla Dar Tazi hanno accolto giovedi’ sera un gruppo di musica gnawa, gli Ouled Kamar, (Figli della Luna) che hanno testimoniato nella capitale religiosa del Marocco la vibrante vitalita’ di un genere di musica di trance e preghiera nato nel mondo degli schiavi subsahariani fuggiti verso il nord dell’Africa e che al giorno d’oggi rappresenta uno dei generi dai quali nascono nuove sperimentazioni e fusioni, intorno al secondo festival piu’ importante della scena musicale marocchina: il festival gnawa di Essaouira.

I Figli della Luna sono anche e sopratutto Servitori dell’Invisibile|: la loro musica e le loro danze, fortemente ritualizzati, rappresentano un percorso di ricerca spirituale e mistico, attraverso cinque fasi distinte da cinque colori, il primo del quale e’ il nero, simbolo dell’Invisibile, ossia della dimensione spirituale che, non accessibile nello stato ‘’normale’’ di coscienza deve essere avvicinata attraverso la preghiera, la meditazione, il canto e il ballo. Un gruppo gnawa possiede solo due strumenti, oltre alla voce umana|: il gambri o ghembri, una specie di basso rettangolare di tre o quattro corde, suonato ‘a schiaffo’ (una tecnica non dissimile a quella dello ‘slap’, tipico del funk) che provvede la base ritmica, e il karkabet, sorta di grosse nacchere di metallo. I musicisti non solo suonano|: cantano, ballano, incitano il pubblico a seguire il rito. Il suono del gnawa e’ ipnotico, ossessivo, e sopratutto senza sosta: anche presentando una versione evidentemente alleggerita del loro rituale notturno (‘derdeba’) come hanno fatto a Dar Tazi, i musicisti hanno suonato quasi tre ore e mezza di fila, senza alcuna pausa fra i diversi brani, alternando canti e balli|: per la prima volta, i testi dei loro canti erano proiettati al di sopra dello spazio di performance, permettendo cosi’ al pubblico non arabofono di seguire lo svolgimento della cerimonia|: omaggio a Dio e al Profeta, richiesta di aprire la Porta della Foresta dell’Invisibile, e scatenato rito di trance finale. E il rituale funziona. Tre ragazzi marocchini che seguivano la performance degli Ouled Kamer sono stati presi da convulsioni e sono svenuti davanti al|piccolo palcoscenico della Dar Tazi. Assistiti dagli stessi musicisti, che li hanno benedetti con incenso prima di farli portare verso l’interno della residenza, per essere accuditi nel loro corpo a corpo con i ‘djinn’ (gli spiriti) che li possedevano.

Jan 13, 2007

Orangina Party@ Dar Soukar January 11Th

We have created the soundscape and event for Orangina ( 400 pacs) hosted by Hors Limits (Rabat) at Dar Soukkar on Januray 11th.More later.

Dec 27, 2006

The Sound of Marrakech-NEW YEAR 2007 Happy Party for Happy Few@Ksar Char Bagh The SoundScape

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Dancing cocktail (8.30 pm) Party 0.30 am Warm up
Minimal-The Sound Of Marrakech Happy House for Happy Few


42 degres more things to do in zero gravity Ruxpin First Contact
Chant Laotien India Song Carlos d’Alessio Marguerite Duras’s Movie
Liza Minelli Maybe this Time Cabaret
Pole 45/45 Arena
Art Blakey Prayer by Salomon G.Ilori
Björk versus Von Tries SoundTrack
Swaravali Tala Adi Chants de l’Inde du Sud
I love Acid Luke Vibert, Yoseph H
Bou Genga’s Wahid Marrakech UnderMoon The Black album
Prince B-Side How come u don’t call me anymore
Janis Joplin Me and Bobby Mc Gee in Pearl
Stars leads to Something Jona Tizia EP minimal
Manon Lescaut Maria Callas In quelle trine morbide
Franck Sinatra Come dance with me
Amarcord Nino Rotta in Tutto Fellini
L’Homme de la Mancha J.Brel Joan Diener Dis pourquoi il fait toutes ces choses
Celia de la Cruz Luiza (B. Leza)
Al Jarreau We got by
Nithin Shawney Heer
Louis Amstrong Hello Dolly
World keeps turning American Gigolo Minimal
West Side Story I Feel Pretty
Omaria Portuando He Persito Cantigo
Diana Ross I Am Coming out
The Ali khan Band Zindagi Deen Dana
Platters He is mine She is mine
Jamiroquai Little L
Lindström I Feel Space
Luis Prima Just A Gigolo
Michel Polnareff Please Love Me
Remix de minuit l’Homme de La Mancha J.Brel vs Janis Joplin
Get Happy Judy Garland Side

Dec 23, 2006


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More pictures on http://www.kamarstudios.com/events-pictures/

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Dec 22, 2006


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Some features of the Masters Musicians leading The sons of the Moon.Said Damir singing Live ‘Lady Youbati’ the electro-minimal track of Marrakech Undermoon The Black album, Maâlem Merchane singing Live ‘Aabid’, from the same album and maâlem abdelkébir Amllil and Maâlem Abbès Baska singing ‘Sidi Mimoun’ a song belonging to the black color-the first black- issued from The Servants of The Invisible, the Holy Trance Celebration by the Gnawa and Moqqadem Ezzaouïa leading the Choir.

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Dec 21, 2006

our favorite places for events in marrakech

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the beauty, the generosity of the owners and the high professionalism of their team made these places home for us to work : ksar char bagh, dar soukkar, jnane tamnsa and dar ilane ( pics are missing for now but coming soon). they are lighted either by us, incentive-house or KSevents.
see below in order ksar char bagh (nokia world event), dar soukkar (cglu,ibm,etc), and a secret place in the Palmeraie that KS Events did transform as an elegant concert place.
(see also below in the blog, CGUL, Essaouira’s Festival,etc…and www.kamarstudios.com/events-pictures/)

Click to view in full-size

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Click to view in full-size

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Dec 17, 2006

CGLU/Kamarstudios/Opera Gnawa +Marrakech Undermoon@Dar Soukkar

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We had the pleasure and the honor to present Opera Gnawa at the Gala Dinner offered by the Government of Morocco to the ‘Conseil Mondial des Cités et Gouvernements locaux unis’ -United Cities and Local Governments-at Dar Soukkar on october 31th.

Kamarstudios and its Gnawa Ensemble, Ouled Kamar, the Sons of the Moon, leaded by DJ Zitroz ,Said Damir and Maâlem Baska showed the Immemorial Gnawa Trance Music in meetings with the minimal electro music we produced in THE BLACK ALBUM.

Ouled Kamar was composed by 18 dancers and 4 Maâlems(Masters Musicians).

Maâlem(s) Abbès Baska, Abdelkébir Merchane, Abdelkader Amllil, Said Damir and the Moqqadem ( leaders of trance dansers) Hassan Gadiri,Boujma Baqbou, Mokkarej Ezzaouia and the great Ahmed Baska.

Said Damir and Abdelkebir Merchane sung their ‘minimal trance’ tracks Lady Youbati and Aabid Live in front of the mayors of the 500 most important cities in the world.

Nothing would have been possible without the extraordinary kindness and trust of the owners of Dar Soukkar and the high professionalism of Pluriel Events in Rabat.
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Dec 15, 2006

The SoundScape of UCLG-Track Listing

Soirée du 31 10 2006 tracklisting cocktail

Cocktail 1930 2100

Arrivée Dakka et Soundscape en même temps

Thomas Mapfumo track 1
Side by Side Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodge Track 1
Nick Holder Sometimes I am blue K7 CD1 track 3
Ras Kollektiv Sonar track 11
Ras Kollektiv Sonar track 9
Shirley Horne Return to Paradise – Mark de Clive
Sultan Bi /Opéra Gnawa
Ready Made FC Flexion
Protection Massive Attack
Luomo Could be like this
Banya /Opéra Gnawa
Nawah track 1 Galesa
Rubin Gonzales Chanchullo Track 1
Lili Boniche Remix
Marrakech Undermoon The Black Album L’Balini
Perlon track 6
Fofo Demba /Opéra Gnawa
Trapez Vynil Jeff Samuel Lya
Verve Remixed3 RSL track 3 2
Bud Powell track 1
Womad track 5 Musiciens du Nil
Odessa sings Bob Dylan track 1
Sidi Moussa /Opéra Gnawa
Trapez Vynil Jeff Samuel Lya
World keeps turning American Gigolo
Bilaji /Opéra Gnawa
Ride on take off + Ahmed Baska
Verve Remixed track 2 Rae et Christian
Superlongevity Hombre Ojo La Musica track 10
Oumou Sangare Saa magni CD1 track 2
Baly Othmani et Steve Shehan track 8

Duke Ellington
Sufi d’Alep

Soirée du 31 10 2006 Track listing diner

Lady Youbati Live Said Damir

Marrakech Undermoon The Black Album minimal trance

-Mimouna – Mamario
Yussef Latif
Extended spirit Kollektiv sonar minimal
Duoud track 3 Wild Serenade minimal
Said Chraibi track 2
Carl Graig Cesaria Evoria remix minimal house
42 more things to do in zero gravity minimal

ZIDMAL Said Damir Guembrit Maâlem Abbès Baska

Nino Rotta Tutto Fellini Amarcord
Fairuz Jazz track 2
Ella Fitzgerald Make the Knife
Hamza El Dhin track2 I remember
Carmen Moreno Soy Gitano Flamenco CD1 Track 5

Banya Rouge Maâlem Merchane Voix + Guembrit
John McLaughin track 2
Flute Japonaise Yoshikashu track 3
25 Djinns Trentmoller Remix minimal
Sheila Shangra Moonsung track 8
Marc Ramboy Jigsaw minimal

Sidi Mimoun Maâlem Abdelkader Amlill Voix+Guembrit

Silk Road track 4 chant traditionnel chinois
Kanyok du Congo Luwend track 3
Louis Amstrong track 3 Hello Dolly
Charles Trenet Le Temps des Cerises
Koubaly Bala Maâlem Abbes Baska Guembrit voix et Guembrit +choeurs
Cesaria Evoria
Abid Marrakech Undermoon Maâlem Merchane Live
Paolo Conte Boogie
Celia de La Cruz Track 3
Cheikha Khemiti Nouar track 1
Charlie Chaplin Les Temps Modernes
BoodyMoto Tabetai track 3 minimal
Aretha Franklin
Sinatra Singing in the Rain
Lady in Satin Billie Holyday

Lalla Mira Groupe Ouled Kamar et Dakka Marrakchia

Dec 5, 2006

New Events to Come/Booking

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Private Party Marrakech October 13th and 14th

New Year Dinner and Party at Palais Ksar Chagh Bagh Marrakech Dec 31th 2006

Modart Soundesign Défilé Magnésium + Kartel Kasbah + Nokia Connecting people Casablanca January 2007

Corporate Party January 11th Dar Soukkar Marrakech hosted by Hors Limites (Rabat)

World Peace Concert Marrakech ( in process) February 2007

Assises du Tourisme Fes February 2007 hosted by Avant Scène and its team.

Private party/Wedding May 2007/Palais Rhoul

Season 2007 IBM Leadership Gala Night

3rd of June, September, November hosted by Menara Tours Marrakech and Alice Evenements Paris /Dar Soukar /Marrakech

The Sound of Marrakech@China reported February 2007

Private Celebration, July 7th Nice, France

Dec 2, 2006

Events report 2006

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New Eve Dinner and Party Palais Ksar Chagh bagh

October 31th
CGLU/UCLG at Dar Soukkar
Opéra Gnawa+Marrakech Undermonn (850 pacs)

October 14th and 15th
Mrs Loum-Martin’s Birthay Party

September 29th
Private VVIP Party, Private Residence, Palmeraie

September 16th
Dar Ilane
Private Celebration VIP Party

July 25th
Festival Voix De la Méditérannée
Ouled Kamar Opéra Gnawa

July 1st
Platinium Rabat
DJ Zitroz, the Sound of Marrakech

June 28th
Festival D’Essaouira
Marrakech Undermoon
Opéra Gnawa

June 8th
Universal Party
Secret Place in the Palmeraie

June 4th
NRJ Group party
Jnane Tamsna and Dar Ilane

Private Celebration
Ksar Chagh Bagh

May 19th, 20th, 21th
Ksar Chagh Bagh
Wedding celebration

May 12th,2006
The Sound of Marrakech

April 13th
Private Party
Le Bled

April 8th
Ksar Chagh Bagh,
Mr and Mrs P., London, wedding celebration

January 2006
New Eve, Ksar Chagh Bagh
DJ Didier Sinclair vs DJ Zitroz, White Room

November 12th
IBM World, Gala Evening at Dar Soukkar

October 16th
IBM France, Symposium, Party night at PGP

September 24th
IBM World, Gala Evening at Dar Soukkar

September 15th, 16th, 17th
Ksar Chagh Bagh
30’s years wedding birthday

Dar Ilane,
Mr and future Mrs S.’s wedding
Dar Aliwen, private celebration

September 16th Jnane Tamsna
Private party

Ksar Chagh Bagh
Private party

June 11th Jnane Tamsna
Private party, Mr R., London

May 28th
IBM World, Gala Evening at Palais Mehdi

May 15th
Jnane Tamsna Marrakech
Private party Mr J.H’s birthday, London

May 7th Dar Ilane
Mr and Mrs B.’s wedding, London

April 22th, Le Pacha Marrakech
Radio FG - Kamarstudios
Dj Folani chill out
DJ Zitroz DJ Didier Sinclair + Greg Di Mano

April 7th
Ksar Char Bagh
Nokia Europe

Jnane Tamsna’s Cocktail
Minimal jazz session

February 13th,
Le Pacha Marrakech
Cherry Sunday

February 3, 4, 5, 6th
La Mamounia and Dar Tayda
AUDI GB Annual, Corporate party

December 31th 2004
Ksar Char Bagh, New Eve night
Les Deux Tours, Private New Year Night

December 7th Ksar Char Bagh
Private Party

November 2004 Centre Culturel Français de Fès
Recording, work in progress, SAPHO

October 2nd 2004,
Dar Ilane
Mr and Mrs K.’s wedding, London

September 25th,
Dar Ilane
Mr and Mrs C.’s wedding, Paris

September 10th, Dar Ilane
Mrs W.,London, Private party

Public Spaces / Soundscape

Kozy Bar Marrakech
Jnane Tamsna Marrakech
Dar Ilane Marrakech
Ksar Chagh Bagh (residence)
Boutique, 27 rue de l’Université, Paris


Marrakech Undermoon / The Black Album
Opera Gnawa + minimal trance
En exclusivité virginstores France et APC world

RasaExotica III rasamusic usa

Nov 15, 2006

Events Incentives Communiqué aux agences-Communication to the Agencies

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(available in english upon request at mail@kamarstudios.com or see the color BLUE in the first page of our website))

Kamarstudios créé les espaces sonores (soundesign et soundscape) et les mises en scène des événements corporate ou privés.

En 2006, kamarstudios-events a créé le son et les mises en scènes d’une trentaine d’événements privés(diners, mariages, cocktails) et ceux des nuits NRJ,Universal,etc…a participé au festival d’Essaouira et Voix de la Méditérranée à lodève, DJ Zitroz a mixé à VYNIL-Paris, au Platinium-Maroc,etc…

Chaque événement, chaque client est l’occasion d’une création, sinon unique, au plus proche des messages à communiquer ou des plaisirs sonores et visuels souhaités.

Si le cœur du studio est la création de musique éléctronique, spécialement issue du mouvement ‘minimal’ et la restitution authentique des Chants et Danses de Transe Gnawa(Opéra Gnawa), les créations sonores pour les événements sont fondées sur un grand éclectisme, du jazz aux sons world, de Laurie Anderson à Erick Satie et à Fairuz ou aux chants Sufi d’Alep ou des Chants d’Inde du Sud.

Les éléments traditionnels du folklore (cavaliers,etc) peuvent être pilotés et mis en scène par le studio.

Le studio agit également en conseil artistique, par son producteur, philippe lauro baranès,ou par son DJ associé, Khalid Icame et peut réunir des artistes aussi variés que des chanteurs d’opéra, des chanteurs Sufi ou des éléments de troupe de cirque, des troupes traditionnelles Marocaines, des joueurs de claquette Marrakchi, des groupes Flamenco et Andalou.

Chaque événement peut et doit devenir l’occasion d’une création originale et exigeante, toujours fondé sur la rigueur artistique, le jeu et le sens de la fête.

Les DJ du studio, et en premier lieu, son artiste associé DJ Zitroz, mixent aussi bien le flash back disco des années 1980 que la musique House ou les sons minimaux underground. Sa rigueur et son excellence en chacune de ses interprétations lui valent la reconnaissance de ses pairs (radiofg notamment en France) et de nombreuses dates au Maroc (Pacha,Platinium-Skhirat), en France et bientôt à Shangaï.

Par ailleurs, le groupe Ouled Kamar, attaché à Kamarstudios avec le quel il a créé Opéra Gnawa, est composé de dix huit chanteurs et danseurs gnawas, dont les Maâlems Abbès Baska, Abdelkebir Merchane, Abdelkader Amlil et le chanteur Said Damir, ‘la voix des Maâlems’ et désormais chanteur des Jil Jilala.

Pour la première fois, les gnawas éxécutent les danses secrètes réservées aux initiés dans une chorégraphie élégante et spectaculaire et ont joué, en croisement avec les DJ électro, au Festival d’Essaouira.


Nov 3, 2006

Lesson @ecole Supérieure des Arts visuels de Marrakech

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philippe lauro baranès will give two weeks of class to the young students of the ESAVM in december 2006 in Marrakech.The class will be a reading/writing class and will propose an initiation to ’ The wedding of Maria Braun’ a film by R.W.Fassbinder.

Oct 24, 2006


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listen to DJ ZITROZ’sMIX@PLATINIUM3 (6minutes sample):

You may also listen to it and other samples at/vous pouvez écouter et télécharger ce mix et d’autres @ http://www.kamarstudios.com/mixes/

The Sound Of Marrakech#1 The MIX

You may also listen to it and other samples at/vous pouvez écouter et télécharger ce mix et d’autres @ http://www.kamarstudios.com/mixes/

Oct 20, 2006

DJ ZITROZ, composer, producer, sound engineer, finally the picture!

Click to view in full-size

Khalid Içame aka DJ ZITROZ est né le 13 Février 1979 à Marrakech. Co Créateur de kamarstudios à Marrakech en 1999 il co-produit l’album Marrakech Undermoon The Black Album dont il est le co-compositeur avec Abderazak Akhoullil aka DJ Folani. Parallèllement, il est l’ingénieur du son du projet d’enregistrement live des nuits de transe gnawa de 1998 à 2005 et enregistre, à ce titre le coffret de douze CD Live de Opéra Gnawa qu’il mixe à paris avec Didier Portefaix et Philippe Lauro-Baranès.
Il produit le remix de Sultan House Remix inclus dans RASA EXOTICA III by Donna DCruz ( remix de ‘dance to the groove’ by antranig and pons Sondos/Subliminal Records) créé par DJ Folani et Said Damir.

Zitroz mixe pour la première fois en public au Pacha Marrakech Le 13 Février 2005 pour l’ouverture des CHERRY SUNDAY, alors osu la direction artistique de Fabrice Colombani (Pacha, Space Ibiza,etc..) et joue de nouveau au Pacha Marrakech : Radio FG invites DJ ZITROZ en warm up de Didier Sinclair et Greg di Mano le 22 Avril 2005 puis un After de folie à White Room le lendemain Didier Sinclair + Zitroz.
Il accumule les résidences à white Room puis au Platinium à Skhirat, enfin à Paris où il inaugure les soirées THE SOUND OF MARRAKECH qu’il produit désormais.(The Sound of Marrakech@Vynil-Paris 12 mai 2006/The Sound of Marrakech@Platinium Skhirat 1er Juillet 2006)
Zitroz, co-producteur de kamarstudios à Marrakech a produit le soundesign d’une cinquantaine d’événements privés et corporate dont Nokia, IBM, Audi, Le Conseil Mondial des Cités, entre septembre 2004 et 2006, a créé avec philippe lauro-baranès et les Maâlems Gnawas, Opéra Gnawa et les créations de Marrakech Undermon pour le Festival d’Essaouira 2006. Enfin, il a participé aux traductions de La Nuit de la source. contenues dans le CD-Rom inclus dans The Black Album/Marrakech Undermoon.

email him at khalid@kamarstudios.com ou join him on myspace/kamarmusic

Oct 18, 2006

The Sons of the Moon-Ouled Kamar-Les Fils de la Lune

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moqqadem ahmed larfaoui

click to view in full-size
said damir

click to view in full-size

Maâlem Abbès Larfaoui Baska

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Maâlem Abbès Larfaoui Baska is the Maâlem who has created Kamarstudios with producer and composer Khalid Icame and philippe lauro-baranès.After having worked with US jazz producer and composer Randy Weston, Ravi Shankar, Bianca Li and others and after having participated in numerous events and festivals, Abbès has finally recorded Opéra Gnawa-the Night of the Source with the group we have unified : The Sons of The Moon/Ouled Kamar.(see the Black Color in Marrakech Undermoon The Black album).

He spend now most of his time between conducting authentic holy transe nights in Marrakech and Tameslot (the village-heart of the Gnawa world), the studio and travelling.

Click to view in full size

Sep 10, 2006

Le Nouvel Obs part 1

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Sep 9, 2006

Le Nouvel Obs 2

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Aug 28, 2006

Festival Poèsie Voix de la Méditérranée Lodève 2006 France

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The Sons of The Moon was the special guest of Maïté Vallès Bled, director of the festival, located in Lodève, France. The first image shows the great french moroccon artist, composer and singer,SAPHO without who nothing would have happened.Beloved friend of the studio, the picture shows her joining the band during the last night of the Festical, then following pictures,The Ensemble with Said Damir,Ahmed Baska, Mokkarej Ezzaouïa, Boujma baqbou, then Maâlem Merchane called Le Cheb and Maâlem Abdelkader Amllil…Who knows where was Maâlem Abbès Baska, always very secret…but really present during these two nights of Holy Trance….

click to view in full-size

click to view in full-size

click to view in full-size

click to view in full-size

Aug 3, 2006

News before to take off to Ibiza

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...we will be in Ibiza untill A1ugust 16th…then back to Paris…we will publish some news about the Festival de Lodève , the next events, we will publish Le Nouvel Observateur’s review on us….etc but bye for now!
we need the blue, the sea, the joy of Ibiza !

Jul 28, 2006

kamarstudios medina of marrakech the logo

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Created by our loved friend and great painter Laurence Setton here is our logo.
Click to view in full-size

Jun 29, 2006

The Sound Of Marrakech@We love Deejing Platinium Skhirat July 1st

Khalid Icame aka Dj Zitroz, co-producteur et compositeur de “Marrakech
Undermoon – The Black Album” une ode éléctro-minimale à la musique Gnawa et
co-créateur de Kamarstudios est un habitué des Clubs de la Ville Rouge(Pacha
en solo et avec Didier Sinclair/FG + White Room)

Passionné de musique électro minimale et house, expérimentateur hors pair,
son style très Happy House(sun, joy & undermoon) est un pur régal ! Il sera,
après la soirée The Sound of Marrakech au Vynil-Paris le 12 Mai, de retour
parmi nous au Platinium le 1 Juillet pour partager sa passion et sa joie de
vivre pour The Sound of Marrakech#2@Platinium Morocco!

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Click to view in full-size

Jun 28, 2006

LE FIGARO 23/06/2006

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Jun 8, 2006

PrivateNite Universal@SecretPlace in the Palmeraie

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La Nuit Universal a commencé par un concert électro-minimal de Folani en croisement avec les chants et les danses sacrées… puis Zitroz a enchainé un mix Electro House avant de s’adonner au plaisir du juke boxing du catalogue Universal, hip hop et dance floor, tout le monde dans la piscine jusqu’à six heures du mat…Indeed!!

Jun 7, 2006

Festival d’Essaouira 2006

Kamarstudios présente l’album Marrakech Undermoon sur la scène After Meditel le 23 Juin à minuit.

Le groupe sera conduit par les deux Compositeurs DJ Zitroz et DJ Folani qui mixeront certains tracks de l’album, de l’électro-minimal en croisement avecles chants de transe des ‘Serviteurs de l’Invisible’.

Maâlem Abbès Baska conduira le groupe Ouled Kamar. Il interprètera certains chants des Premiers Noirs et La Forêt extraits de Marrakech Undermoon/the Black Album. Il y aura une big surprise à cet occasion…

Said Damir interprètera live Lady Youbati (CD1) et les deux jeunes danseurs Boujma Baqbou et Yassine Kodji conduiront les danses. Durée 75 mns.

Click to view in full-size

Jun 5, 2006

Mimouna trad. eng. The Servants Of The Invisible in Marrakech Undermoon



There are no gods but One Alone and
Mohamed is his Prophet

Bouaba Bouab Ghaba Bouaba Bouab Gnaoua

From the forest, open the door of the Feminine and the Masculine

Of the gathering of the Gnaouas, open the door of the Feminine and the door of the Masculine

Choir: There are no gods but One Alone and
Mohamed is his Prophet

Voice: Pray the Prophet
God, forgive us
He, who at death’s door,
Does not recognize
That there is but One God,
Is without resource.
[He who refuses conversion is without resource]

Among the precious stones, lead me to the Unique Diamond
Mimouna, Mimouna
Mimouna, Cherifia, Sacred Repairer

Choir: Lalla Mimouna

Voice: Open the door of the Forest,
Open the door

Choir: Mimouna, Mimouna

Sultan Gnawa, Mimouna
You Mimouna the Holy One, You Mimouna the Gnaoua

Voice: Let us invoke the infinite
God, grant us Heavenly Pardon
There are no gods but One Alone

Choir and Voice: Let us invoke the Prophet
God, grant us the grace of healing

Choir: There are no gods
But One Alone


Choir: Mimouna


Choir: Sirs


Mimouna, Lalla Mimouna, from the black stain save me

Choir: There are no gods but One Alone and the beloved is his Messenger

Mimouna, Mimouna, Gnaoua

Choir: Sirs

Of the Sudan, open the door of the Masculine,
Open the door of the Feminine
Of the Forest, open the door of the Masculine,
Open the door of the Feminine

Choir: There are no gods
But One Alone
Give me
Mimouna, Mimouna
Ah Lalla Mimouna

Choir: Sirs

Present us to Lalla Mimouna

Choir: Ah Lalla Mimouna

Voice: You the Gnaouia Mimouna

Choir: Ah Lalla Mimouna

Presence of Lalla Mimouna!
Mimouna, Mimouna, Gnaouia
Gnaouia, sirs!
Here is Mimouna, Lalla Mimouna Gnaouia!
Al’Ar| Turning back of the Dark, Lalla Mimouna!
Mimouna, Mimouna Gnaouia
[Bring us]Al’Ar| Sublime Element of the Trance, Lalla Mimouna!
Ah, from the Forest of the Twin Doors!

Choir: There are no gods but One Alone and Mohamed is his Prophet. Healing!

Mimouna, Mimouna, Gnaouia
Gnaouia, Sirs!
Here is Mimouna, Lalla Mimouna Gnaouia!
The Elsewhere of the Trance, Lalla Mimouna!

Choir: Ah Lalla Mimouna, Healing!
Gnaouia, God, Healing!
Soudania, Healing!

Lalla Mimouna, Healing!
Gnaouia, Soudania, God, Healing
Choir and Voice: Soudania, God, Healing
Mimouna, Holy One, Healing
God, Healing!
The Door, God, Healing
Lalla Mimouna, Healing

Mimouna trad. fr. Les Serviteurs de l’Invisible in Marrakech Undermoon

Les Premiers Noirs
Le Milieu du Monde


Il n’est de dieux qu’Un seul et
Mohamed est son prophète

Bouaba Bouab Ghaba Bouaba Bouab Gnawa

De la Forêt, ouvres la Porte du Féminin et du Masculin

De l’Assemblée des Gnawas, ouvres La Porte du Féminin et La Porte du Masculin

Chœur : Il n’est de dieux qu’Un seul et
Mohamed est son prophète

Voix : Prions le Prophète
Dieu, pardonnes-nous
Est démuni, à la porte de la mort, celui qui ne reconnaît pas qu’il n’est de dieux
qu’Un seul
[ne sera rejeté que l’irréductible à la conversion]

Parmi les précieuses pierres, conduis-moi à l’Unique Diamant
Mimouna, Mimouna
Mimouna, Chérifia, [Réparatrice Sacrée]

Chœur : Lalla Mimouna

Voix : Ouvres la porte de la Forêt, ouvres La Porte

Chœur : Mimouna, Mimouna

Sultan Gnawa, Mimouna
Toi Mimouna La Sainte, Toi Mimouna La Gnawa

Voix : Invoquons l’Infini
Dieu, accordes-nous le Pardon Céleste
Il n’est de dieux qu’Un seul

Chœur et Voix : Prions le Prophète
Dieu, accordes-nous la Grâce de la réparation

Chœur : Il n’est de dieux qu’Un seul


Chœur : Mimouna


Chœur : Messieurs

Chœur : Mimouna

Lalla Mimouna, de la tâche noire sauves-moi

Chœur : Il n’est de dieux qu’Un seul et l’Aimé est son Messager

Mimouna, Mimouna, Gnaoua

Chœur : Messieurs

Du Sudan, ouvres la Porte du Masculin, ouvres la Porte du Féminin
De la Forêt, ouvres la Porte du Masculin, ouvres la Porte du Féminin

Chœur : Il n’est de dieux qu’Un seul
Mimouna, Mimouna
Ah Lalla Mimouna

Chœur : Messieurs

Présentons-nous à Lalla Mimouna
[Présence à Lalla Mimouna]
Chœur : Ah Lalla Mimouna

Voix : Toi La Gnaouia Mimouna

Chœur : Ah Lalla Mimouna
Visitons Lalla Mimouna !
Mimouna, Mimouna, Gnaouia
Gnaouia, messieurs !
Voilà Mimouna, Lalla Mimouna Gnaouia !
Al’Ar| Le retournement de l’Obscur, Lalla Mimouna !
Mimouna, Mimouna Gnaouia
[Apportes-nous]Al’Ar| Le Sublime de la Transe, Lalla Mimouna !
Ah De la Forêt les Deux Portes !

Chœur : Il n’est de dieux qu’Un seul et Mohamed est son prophète
Réparation !

Mimouna, Mimouna, Gnaouia
Gnaouia, messieurs !
Voilà Mimouna, Lalla Mimouna Gnaouia !
L’Ailleurs de la Transe, Lalla Mimouna !

Chœur : Ah Lalla Mimouna, Réparation !
Gnaouia, Dieu, Réparation !
Sudania, Réparation !

Lalla Mimouna, Réparation !
Gnaouia, Sudania, Dieu, Réparation
Chœur et Voix : Soudania, Dieu, réparation
Mimouna, la Sainte, réparation
Dieu Réparation !
La Porte, Dieu, réparation
Lalla Mimouna, réparation

Jun 4, 2006

NRJ@Jnane Tamsna

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NRJ recevait des amis…des amis d’NRJ, des labels, des journalistes…La Nuit a commencée avec un mix minimal ’énorme’ de Folani en croisement avec les danses de transe Gnawa (including MU) et Zitroz a mis le feu jusqu’à très tôt sur une des plus belles terrasses de Marrakech à Jnane Tamsna.
Thanks to Meryanne Loum Martin et Edwige Laure Mombouli !

Jun 3, 2006

marrakech undermoon the black album track samples

CD Samples

All samples are 30 seconds long mp3 files, with a built-in streamer.

Minimal Trance CD1:


Track#2 02_MIMOUNA




Track#6 BOSSO

Track#7 IRBA


Track#9 MHRBA


Track#11 ECLIPSE


Track#13 BALA_DIMA


Track#15 ABID

Disc 2A:

Track#1 MIMOUNA.mp3

Track#2 GHUMAMI.mp3

Track#3 MHRBA.mp3


Track#5 INGOUBA.mp3

Track#6 L_BALINI.mp3

Track#7 ALLAH_YA_RABI_.mp3

Track#8 BALA_YA_ROUKY_.mp3

Track#9 SERGOU.mp3

Track#10 SIDI_BOU_GENGA.mp3

Track#11 SADYA_SADYE.mp3

Track#12 FOFO_DEMBA.mp3

Track#13 BELKYRIA.mp3

Disc 2B:

Track#14 IRBA_IRBA

Track#15 15_BILAJI

Track#16 NANDOU



Track#19 MAMARIO

Track#20 BOSSO



Track#23 FOLANI

Track#24 BALA_DIMA


Track#26 LA_ILAHA

Track#27 ALLAL

Jun 2, 2006

Les Serviteurs de l’Invisible MU livret en Français

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‘Celui qui traverse le désert est le maître’ Folani, chant gnawa

La sensation est comme la rencontre de l’onde avec des forces agissantes sur le corps – Gilles Deleuze in Francis Bacon, Logique de la Sensation, 1981

Marrakech Undermoon est la rencontre de l’électro-acoustique minimaliste et des transes sacrées immémoriales. Des voix et des vibrations de transe est né une musique unique, extrait des corps devenus sons puis compositions.

Ville-Porte de l’Afrique Noire, Marrakech est le carrefour des migrations du continent. Elle est la Ville des Sept Saints et des Sept Portes, la ville des Sept Couleurs mystiques du Fleuve-Univers tel qu’il est représenté, joué, chanté, dansé et vécu par les Maîtres Gnawas.

La Création, l’Unité de l’Individu et celle de l’Univers se célèbrent dans la traversée des Nuits aux Sept Couleurs, chaque couleur convoquant la Présence des Mlouks, ces Génies, Passeurs de l’Invisible qui habitent les voix et les corps. Des Nuits secrètes, réservées aux initiés, qui s’achèvent à l’aube venue, par une nouvelle naissance, au retour du Soleil.

Marrakech Undermoon L’Album Noir est la première des Sept Couleurs-Univers, recueillies dans Opéra Gnawa La Nuit de la Source , enregistrée Live, sous la Voie Lactée de la Médina de Marrakech et dont on propose pour la première fois une traduction intégrale.

Le Noir, c’est L’Inconnaissable, L’Au-Delà, L’Invisible de l’Univers et du Corps. Il en est aussi l’Inouï.

Marrakech Undermoon – Minimal Trance : Le son de Marrakech.

Les Serviteurs de l’Invisible MU livret en Français

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‘Celui qui traverse le désert est le maître’ Folani, chant gnawa

La sensation est comme la rencontre de l’onde avec des forces agissantes sur le corps – Gilles Deleuze in Francis Bacon, Logique de la Sensation, 1981

Marrakech Undermoon est la rencontre de l’électro-acoustique minimaliste et des transes sacrées immémoriales. Des voix et des vibrations de transe est né une musique unique, extrait des corps devenus sons puis compositions.

Ville-Porte de l’Afrique Noire, Marrakech est le carrefour des migrations du continent. Elle est la Ville des Sept Saints et des Sept Portes, la ville des Sept Couleurs mystiques du Fleuve-Univers tel qu’il est représenté, joué, chanté, dansé et vécu par les Maîtres Gnawas.

La Création, l’Unité de l’Individu et celle de l’Univers se célèbrent dans la traversée des Nuits aux Sept Couleurs, chaque couleur convoquant la Présence des Mlouks, ces Génies, Passeurs de l’Invisible qui habitent les voix et les corps. Des Nuits secrètes, réservées aux initiés, qui s’achèvent à l’aube venue, par une nouvelle naissance, au retour du Soleil.

Marrakech Undermoon L’Album Noir est la première des Sept Couleurs-Univers, recueillies dans Opéra Gnawa La Nuit de la Source, enregistrée Live, sous la Voie Lactée de la Médina de Marrakech et dont on propose pour la première fois une traduction intégrale.

Le Noir, c’est L’Inconnaissable, L’Au-Delà, L’Invisible de l’Univers et du Corps. Il en est aussi l’Inouï.

Marrakech Undermoon – Minimal Trance : Le son de Marrakech.

The Servants Of The Invisible Booklet in English

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‘He who crosses the desert is Master’ Folani, gnawa chant

Feeling is like the meeting of the wave with forces acting on the body – Gilles Deleuze in Francis Bacon, Logique de la Sensation, 1981

Marrakech Undermoon is the intimate fusion between electro- minimalism and sacred trance from time immemorial. Of the voices and vibrations of trance, drawn from bodies become sounds then compositions, a unique flavour is born.

Marrakech is the Gate of Black Africa, cross-roads of migratory flows across the continent. Home of the Seven Saints and the Seven Gates, this is the city of the Seven Mystic Colours of the Universe-River as represented, played and sung, danced and lived by the Gnaoua Masters.

The Creation of the Universe, the Unity of the Individual and the one of the Universe are celebrated in the journey through the Nights of the Seven Colours, each colour convoking the Presence of the Mlouks, the Genies, Bearers of the Invisible which dwells in voices and bodies. Each nocturnal gathering, each lila (night), reserved for initiates, reaches its end with a new birth when dawn comes, when the Sun returns.

Marrakech Undermoon – the Black Album – is the first of seven nights, each devoted to a colour, collected in Gnaoua Opera, the Night of the Source. The recordings, of which we propose a full translation, were made live under the Milky Way of the Medina of Marrakech.

Black is The Unknowable, The Ungraspable, The Beyond, The Invisible of the Universe and of the Body. It is also the Unheard.

Marrakech Undermoon – Minimal Trance : the sound of Marrakech.

Les Inrocks

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May 23, 2006

ELLE Magazine, issue May 22th,Paris

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May 15, 2006

Planet Magazine

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Article - Vibrations Page Scan

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May 14, 2006

the sound of marrakech@myspace.com

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to be connected with musicians from all over the globe we just opened our window on Myspace:

Post Vynil Back to the studio

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We will be ready in the next days to release the mix of this quite hot nite on demos & samples…
We will be preparing a three days event(wedding) in one of the most beautiful place in marrakech, palais Ksar Char Bagh, and the soundscape of Miguel Chevalier’s presentation on June 24th…

May 13, 2006

the sound of marrakech@A.P.C France

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4, rue de Fleurus 75006 Paris T +33 1 45 48 72 42
112 rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris T +33 1 42 78 18 02

the sound of marrakech@A.P.C USA

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marrakech undermoon the black album minimal trance + the servants of the invisible is available in the U.S at
MEN & WOMEN, General Store
TEL : +1 212 966 96 85

marrakech undermoon the black album@ A.P.C Japan

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The Black album is available in the following A.P.C Shop in Japan :

MEN and WOMEN, MAGASIN GÉNÉRAL – 2-2-3 marunouchi chiyoda-ku tokyo
T (03) 52 20 67 07
MEN and WOMEN, MAGASIN GÉNÉRAL – 70 kyomachi chuo-ku kobe-shi hyogo
T (078) 331 31 10
MEN and WOMEN, MAGASIN GÉNÉRAL – 1-16-1 minamihorie nishi-ku osaka-shi osaka
T (06) 65 37 06 01
Men and Women, MAGASIN GÉNÉRAL – 1-2-38 daimyo chuo-ku fukuoka-shi fukuoka
T (092) 733 86 25
MAIN STORE – 27-3 sagurakucho shibuya-ku tokyo
T (03) 54 59 65 10

Thanks to Jean and Nina Touitou, music lovers for ever !

May 12, 2006

Opéra Gnawa @ Festival de Lodève(France) Voix de la Méditérranée

Le groupe Ouled Kamar conduit par le Maâlem Abbès Larfaoui Baska, Said Damir, Ahmed Baska, Maâlem Abdelkebir Merchane, Boujma Baqbou, Si Mohamed Ezzaouia,chanteurs et danseurs, prèsenteront lors de deux nuits consécutives une authentique Nuit de Transe ( Lilah) lors de la semaine du 25 au 30 Juillet ( les 26 au 27).

Khalid Icame aka DJ Zitroz se métamorphosera en ingé son pour l’enregistrement et le mix live et Abderazzak Akhoullil aka DJ Folani redeviendra le gnaoui qui brûle sous sa peau.

kamarstudios se rendra sans doute par surprise au Virginstores de Montpellier et mixera sans doute dans un des clubs de la ville…surprise…surprise….

the sound of marrakech@Techno Parade September 16TH

Nous en parlons…Le groupe à l’origine de Opéra Gnawa et DJ Folani(minimal) et DJ Zitroz(electro house) sur un même char, celui de la Francophonie…More later

May 9, 2006

Sultan House Remix@RasaMusic

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One year ago, a sunny morning in Marrakesh, I don’t know what happened exactly, but it came up that Maâlem Said Damir, Dj Folani(Abderza Akhoullil) and DJ Zitroz(Khalid Icame) began the day playing all together in the studio as it would have been 4.oo am in a club…and it produced a track we called Sultan House Remix.

When Donna Dcruz and Tom S. from TommyBoys Records went to visit us in the studio, Donna felt in love with the track and she makes us the pleasure to release it in her next RasaExotica….visit www.rasamusic.com, listen to it and please write your comments.

“Sultan House Remix” C & P 2005 KamarMusic USA. Remixed by DJ Folani & DJ Zitroz for KamarMusic USA, Lyrics and vocals by Maâlem Said Damir, originally from “Dance To The Groove” by Antranig & Pons for Sondos Records.
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May 8, 2006

the sound of marrakech vs Arabesques numériques de Miguel Chevalier@palais ksar chagh bagh June 24th

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Kamarstudios produira et concevra la musique du projet Arabesques Numériques de Miguel Chevalier. www.miguel-chevalier.com

Miguel Chevalier confronte aujourd’hui son monde artistique, tout entier tourné vers le contemporain et ses transformations face à l’évolution des techno-sciences (flux des données, multiplicité de l’échange de l’information, réseaux qui forment une nouvelle trame du monde, villes en mutation), à la puissance de la tradition dans ce qu’elle peut avoir de plus vivant et d’actuel. En remodelant son propre monde par le double prisme de la mosaïque islamique et de la légende du tapis volant, qui ravît les lecteurs des Contes des Mille et Une Nuits dès sa première traduction débutée par Antoine Galland en 1704, c’est une autre culture, qui comporte à la fois un art sacré sans image etun merveilleux littéraire, qui pénètre son monde ultra contemporain.
Ces deux propositions prennent forme sous l’influence d’une ville, Marrakech, et d’un lieu, la Place Jama’ al Fna, qui en constitue le cœur.
Cet endroit, déclaré par l’UNESCO chef-d’œuvre du patrimoine oral et immatériel de l’humanité, est un lieu où l’on trouve une culture locale, celle de la tradition orale, à la fois ancestrale et vivante, du charmeur de serpent au conteur. C’est donc dans ce haut lieu d’une culture non écrite que Miguel Chevalier souhaite faire se rencontrer la tradition et la technologie la plus pointue par le biais de l’art. Là, sur cette place toute de foule, d’odeurs et de paroles, la vision technologique s’est teintée de magie et de rêve, tissant les fils d’un paysage à la fois réel et virtuel : les mosaïques se font légères comme des bulles, les tapis lumineux et flottants.

May 6, 2006

Miguel Chevalier’Virtual Flying Carpets

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Tomorrow, Dj Zitroz will be arriving in Paris and we will meet french artist Miguel Chevalier whose project is to recover the ancestral Place Djemaa El Fnaa of virtual flying carpets…more later and maybe surprises to come….

May 5, 2006

The Sound of Marrakech@Vynil-Paris May 12th

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Vendredi 12 Mai, nouvelle soirée au Vinyl-Paris:
The Sound Of Marrakech #1

Après Ibiza, Barcelone… le son de Marrakech arrive à Paris…

Découvrez pour la premiere fois au Vinyl Paris le son de la scène électro Marrakchi, nouvelle destination des clubbers et de la jet set.

Ce soir aux platines du Vinyl-paris, Dj Zitroz /kamarstudios, co producteur et compositeur de l’album : “Marrakech Undermoon The Black Album”(exclu virginstores).

Jeune dj marocain il a mixé à White Room, au Pacha de Marrakech aux cotés de Didier Sinclair et Greg Di Mano pour la soirée FG, et cumule les résidences.

Pour la 1ère fois en France, il viendra poser son flycase pour distiller et vous faire découvrir le son de la scène électro marocaine.

Il sera aux côtés de D.Press, une fille dj que les clubbers du Vinyl-paris connaissent bien.

Kamarstudios-Le Son de Marrakech@Vinyl-Paris

VINYL-PARIS 25 Bd poissonniere PARIS 02
entrée 15 euros avec une conso / minuit

May 4, 2006

beurfm paris on sunday the 7th

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on sunday the 7th, we will be hosted on air by Mourad, the hot and spicy speaker of Café des Artistes between 5pm and 6pm.

do not hesitate to comment !

for all the french readers go and buy VIBRATIONS, may edition, the edito is all about trance, John Coltrane and…US !

Mar 15, 2006

Exit Magazine

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Article - Exit Page Scan

World Magazine March 2006

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Article Scan - World Magazine March 2006

Edgar Magazine March 2006

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Page Scan - Edgar Magazine March 2006

Feb 4, 2006

Tel Quel Magazine

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or see the article on Tel Quel Online

finally some news !

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we have been very late to launch our blog..just a few news to let you know what’s going on at KamarMusic usa and in kamar studios in the deep medina of Marrakech…

while the producer is battling with the press in Paris ( France) to get press releases

( very soon available on the site), speaking with larger distributors than ourselves alone ( which is actually the case) and organizing the first edition of THE SOUND OF MARRAKECH@Vynil-Paris (DJ Zitroz spinning an happy ‘undermoon’ house all nite long).... Zitroz and Folani are composing the new tracks of the next album : Marrakech Undermoon The Blue !

Blue in the Gnawa world is the color of the desert and the sea, of the sky and the infinite..it will be probably minimal but certainly as different as THE BLACK ALBUM is…...we remember you that we are available in the VIRGINSTORES network in France and on virginmega.fr…also in the next days in the APC shops around the world…we will keep you posted in which shops exactly in the next days !

also, hopefully helped by our friend Yann L., we will make this blog looking better with new polices and style….we just are running out of time, trying to be everywhere in the same time!!!!

Jan 20, 2006


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Welcome to our blog. Below a picture of DJ Zitroz mixing for the ALCS war againts Aids in the streets of Marrakech….
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